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Nobuki Takamen

Guitarist/composer Nobuki Takamen is originally from Hiroshima, Japan. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music, he relocated to New York in 2004. Since then, he has been developing a reputation as ‘’the best jazz guitarist Japan has ever produced’’ as lauded in AllAboutJazz. Nobuki has toured with his group in North America and Europe, performing at many of the best international jazz festivals and clubs including the Montreal International Jazz Festival, Iridium Jazz Club, Blue Note NY, Blues Alley and Smalls Jazz Club. He has also toured annually throughout Japan since 2004. Besides leading his group, he has been playing solo frequently since his solo concert at the Montreal International Jazz Festival in 2009. Nobuki has four albums released on What’s New Records and Summit Records, and three albums on his own label, including his first solo album, ”Solo Guitar”, his two-disc 6th album, ”Live in Japan”, and his eponymous 7th album, ”The Nobuki Takamen Trio”. Nobuki’s playing and music have been featured in publications worldwide, including DownBeat, Vintage Guitar Magazine, Just Jazz Guitar, AllAboutJazz, Jazz Podium (Germany), Jazz’n’more (Switzerland), Jazz Special (Denmark), Musica Jazz (Italy), Jazzwise (UK), Swing Journal (Japan), Jazz Life Magazine (Japan).
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