Jack Wilkins is back after 11 years

by Jeremy Oms

In 2006, Mike Gellar (founder of Mike’s Master Classes) was occasionally meeting with a group of master guitarists including Jack Wilkins, Howard Alden, Vic Juris and many others. At each meet-up a different master would discuss a different topic that was truly eye opening and insightful that often came from their many years of discovery.

Back then, it was almost impossible to get insights from these great Jazz Masters unless you were a part of a group like this. Now, it is much easier to find videos and classes from many of these masters online.

It was during one of those sessions that Mike realized there was so much value here that it would be so valuable to record these sessions so that others could benefit from them. Thus Mike’s Master Classes was originally born.

However, Jack Wilkins was one of the Jazz Masters that has never really gravitated to the online medium. It has taken him more than 10 years to get Jack to take a moment to sit down and express some of his insights on Jazz.

Jack’s latest recording is not the typical class you may be used to from other Jazz Masters these days. There are no PDFs or high tech video gear. Instead, this class is a close-up chat with a highly experienced Jazz Guitarist.

While this class may not be for everyone, this class is for you if you are similar in your approach to learning from Masters loaded with so many insights for an Intermediate or Advanced jazz guitarist. In just 30 minutes (our time is precious as well) you will get a jam-packed look into insights and thoughts from an artist that has almost 50 years of experience.

It’s not every day that we get to hear from a guitarist like Jack. We’re sure he’d much rather be performing live somewhere!

Insights for the Intermediate and Advanced Jazz Guitarist | by Jack Wilkins

August 1, 2018

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