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Blues for the New Millennium Class Content | Randy Johnston

Don’t complicate your life in these weird times.

Instead, express the blues with Randy Johnston’s Blues for the New Millennium!

In this masterclass, you’ll discover how to play Randy’s lyrical blues from his 1997 album, Somewhere in the Night. Written for the turn of the Y2K era, this tune sounds as fresh now as ever.

Randy shows you the chords, how to play the melody of the song and his signature 6-step strategy to improvise confidently over this basic blues with a modern flavor.

Randy makes it as simple as possible as he shares:

  • The 3 scales he uses to navigate through the changes
  • The one thing he adds for that Pat Martino sound in his lines (and where & when to do it)
  • The Chuck Berry thing that adds that blues sound when you need it
  • A ‘False Fingering’ approach that makes your lines sound even better
  • How thinking from the minor chord make the dominant sounds work easier
  • The twist in the harmony of the song that is both easy yet adds so much to his song

Throughout this info-packed 31-minute masterclass, Randy doesn’t waste your time but tells you exactly what he does so you can spend more time playing rather than trying to find time to watch a long video.

No filler, all golden nuggets from Randy in his bunker in Central Virginia straight to your home.

This is Blues for the New Millenium.

Full video is 31 minutes.
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