Connecting Your Ears, Mind and Fingers (Sundays – 6 Sessions) : May 23, 2021


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Connecting Your Ears, Mind and Fingers (Sundays – 6 Sessions) : May 23, 2021 Class Content | Paul Bollenback

Sunday Sessions: May 23, 30, June 6, 13, 27, July 11.

New Bonus Now Included: With your purchase, now receive Paul’s previous 6-week session immediately.

Ever have a great idea you want to play, yet when you go to play it, it somehow doesn’t come out right? Want to make a better connection between what your ear is hearing and what your hands are doing on the guitar?

This course addresses putting the basic building blocks of music into your ears and under your fingers at the same time. Both Melodic and Harmonic hearing and playing will be covered. This system is based on the material taught by Dr. Asher Zlotnik to many great players around the world, and adapted specifically for jazz guitar by Paul Bollenback.

Learn the sound, location, uses and construction of all the intervals, scale fragments, triad shape, chromatic approaches and outlines of harmony, ultimately applying the material to improvising on tunes.

The classes will be recorded and a link sent after each class for download, so you will be able to review at your leisure, in perpetuity.

Intermediate/Advanced players, some music theory knowledge required (intervals, scales, chord construction).

26 PDF files included totaling 55 pages.

  • Aebersold Inerval List
  • Autumn Leaves pivots
  • Pivots on blues
  • Pivot random chords
  • Days of Wine and Roses pivots
  • Ear Training Process
  • Graphic Intervals
  • Graphic singing shapes
  • Graphic Triads
  • Guitar Window Graphic Triads
  • Harmonic hearing basics
  • Harmonic resistance technique
  • Melodic ear trainning locations on guitar intervals
  • Melodic ear training methodology
  • MET locations semitones
  • MET location tetrachords
  • MET location triads
  • Modes of major in tetrachords
  • Modes of melodics minor in tetrachords
  • Paul’s associated repertoire
  • Random triads
  • Semitone fragments
  • Tetrachord construction and repertoire
  • Tetrachords
  • Triadic shapes
Six Weeks of Live Instruction
1: 5-23 live session + PDFs 01:41:00
2: 5-30 live session 01:39:00
3: 6-6 live session 01:47:00
4: 6-13 live session 01:38:00
5: 6-27 live session 01:36:00
6: 7-11 live session 01:37:00
Previous Session Recordings
1: 3-7 Session 01:17:07
2: 3-14 live session 01:13:58
3: 3-21 live session 01:12:12
4: 3-28 live session 01:20:38
5: 4-4 live session 01:17:47
6: 4-11 live session 01:27:36

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