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Contrary Motion Counterpoint part 1: Concerted Rhythms Class Content | Steve Herberman

One of the most pleasing sounds/techniques available to a guitarist is playing contrary motion counterpoint using concerted rhythms. These are lines that occur simultaneously moving in opposite directions. Unfortunately, it happens to be one of the more difficult things for an improvising guitarist to do on the fly. This class is designed to address how to incorporate these amazing sounds into a practice routine so that they will become second nature, coming out in an improvisational setting as well as in your own written arrangements. A little goes a long way with this technique; just a small dose can be very effective in engaging the listener. These examples sound great as part of intros, endings or interludes or anything along the way.

This class consists of 19 short examples of counterpoint lines using II-V-I progressions which are extremely useful over standard tunes. It’s beneficial to limit the number of examples when learning these concepts. Focusing on just one or two exercises per week will lead to better memorization/retention of the material. Each example can be altered rhythmically and melodically to make them your own.

A theoretical analysis of each example is provided in the video with an emphasis on memorization techniques. The class is packed full of practical advice in coming up with original phrases and creative brainstorming of this concept in the practice room. The independence required in playing examples like these will quickly be felt in the fretting hand fingers. Not only are these devices useful in improvising but can really spice up one’s solo guitar arrangements as well as ensemble arrangements. Let these short, musical and memorable II-V-I phrases be part of your contrapuntal vocabulary!

  • Running time: 40 minutes
  • 4 pages of PDF material in TAB and standard notation
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