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Delayed Resolutions (Appoggiatura) Class Content | Steve Herberman

The use of delayed resolutions, often referred to as appoggiatura, is an extremely useful device in improvising, composition and arranging. In this class we’ll be looking specifically at using delayed resolutions in single note lines, giving the lines greater melodic tension. These alternative note choices will be occurring mostly on strong beats, especially on the downbeat of each measure of music. The use of enclosures or approach note patterns are helpful in delaying the resolution of the target tones. The written examples use common chord patterns such as the major and minor II- V- I to illustrate the use of appoggiatura. The examples are shown in both long and short meter II-V-I progressions.

Another important aspect of this class is the use of jazz phrasing, starting and ending phrases on different parts of the measure. The use of accents combined with syncopation can really make the lines swing. Pairing these rhythmic devices with the use of more interesting note choices occurring on strong beats will invigorate one’s single note playing. Getting a firm grip on this seldom-discussed technique will help elevate your single note improvising, providing the player with many new ideas to take from the practice room to the bandstand. 

  • Running time: 47 minutes
  • 7 pages of PDF exercises in TAB and standard notation
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