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Enhance your method to harmonizing melodies using thirds.

Demonstrated using the classic standards of “Out of Nowhere”, “Blue Monk”, “If I Had You” and “All of Me”, Guitar Master Howard Alden takes you step by step through adding color to your melodies and improvisations utilizing thirds. His examples include in time as well as slowed down tempos.

This lesson also includes a duet by Howard and Mike playing “Out of Nowhere”.


  • Harmonizing melodies with thirds
  • Whole Tone Scale with thirds
  • Out of Nowhere

Expected Outcome:

Add color and variety to melodies by adding harmonies using thirds.

Double-Timing Guitar Techniques Class Content | Randy Johnston

Pat Martino. Mike Stern. Pat Metheny. Joe Pass. George Benson.

Some of the best jazz guitarists that leave an impression not only can play slow artistic melodies but also intense double time lines.

Playing blistering fast & powerful double time lines has always been a rite of passage for jazz guitarists. You might be able to play beautiful motivic melodies, but can you hang you have to create intensity via your double time melodies?

Some people rely on a few pet licks.

Others play lines that do not clearly outline the changes.

The best players though – are able to play melodies that not only make your jaw drop but also weave through the harmony, balancing dissonant edge & consonant peacefulness.

In this latest masterclass by Randy Johnston, you’ll discover Randy’s unique approach to developing strong double timing skills.

Randy show you his approach of ‘Skating’, Swing, straightening double time, switching back and forth between regular & double time feel and more concepts that increases your command of this essential jazz guitar skill.

Don’t be left behind. Instead double time today with Randy Johnston!

Full video is 29 minutes.

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