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How to Improvise with Counterpoint Class Content | Juampy Juarez

Counterpoint is the first tool that European culture discovered for harmony. After many years with counterpoint, chords in block appeared. Counterpoint is basically two or more voices at the same time, moving melodically. In my previous clinic, “Bi-tonal 2line” and my first one (back ten years ago),“Contrapuntal Improvisation” I experimented and investigated this exciting topic. And now I have found new ideas, using contrary motion or contrary counterpoint in the improvisation. Everything combined (2line, bitonal 2line, and contrary motion) creates a new dimension in my soloing that I apply also to comping, composing, and chord melody. I love playing solo jazz guitar, so those tools are perfect for it.

Besides this discovery, you will begin to see the guitar in a new perspective — expanding your horizon and discovering that a guitar is more capable that we once thought. In this video lesson I cover:

  • ii V I,
  • scales
  • arpeggios
  • triads
  • soloing over various famous standards’ progressions

My new micro book “Contrapunto contrario en la improvisacion” is included, plus many of 2line’s PDFs.

Juampy Juarez
July 2020

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