Playing the Blues and Playing the Changes

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Playing the Blues and Playing the Changes Class Content | Randy Johnston

In this latest class, Randy Johnston instructs how to play the jazz-blues in F while simultaneously outlining the changes closely using approach techniques and chromaticism. If you are looking to sound both bluesy and jazzy at the same time, than this is the course for you.

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You can expect to master a full written chorus of the blues with every line and lick explained and demonstrated note for note.

In this course you will study:

  • Voice Leading 3rds and 7ths (guide tones) and how to visualize them on the guitar
  • Approach and Enclosure techniques and how to visualize them on the guitar
  • WHEN to play the guide tones rhythmically to perfectly realize the chord changes

Intermediate, Advanced

Running time: 33 minutes
1 Page PDF Included

Full Class + Download
Playing the Blues & Playing the Changes Full Class 00:33:23

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