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The Guitar Styles of Pat Martino and Grant Green Class Content | Ben Sher

You might wonder, why these two iconic jazz guitarists? Ben explains, “Of course there are many great jazz guitarists to try and copy, but Grant and Pat have one thing in common that’s great for learning: they both play with incredible accuracy and clear rhythmic precision. So, if you really want to learn how to lay down some very well-articulated jazz guitar lines, studying the work of these two masters is incredibly valuable.”

To start off, Ben will provide transcriptions for both Grant and Pat in three styles: blues, modal, and be-bop — or straight ahead.  Then, in each category there’s the opportunity to learn one or both of the transcriptions.

If you’re not that advanced, don’t worry. Some of Grant’s stuff is not that hard to play technically, but incredibly valuable in the phrasing. And if you want a challenge? Try playing along with Pat’s “The Great Stream”!

Limited to 6 students.

Prof. Sher’s Global Jazz Guitar!

This is one learning experience that Prof. Sher is really excited to teach! As a recording artist, Ben has played many different styles of jazz and has three recordings of Brazilian Jazz on the BGI Record Label which feature Lucian Souza, DuDuka Da Fonseca, Kenny Barron, and Helio Alves. He has recorded and performed gypsy jazz with his World Jazz Duo, and played many Hammond organ trio gigs! Ben also teaches several courses in the Brazilian Guitar Style at Berklee including a course in Latin Fusion. This class is a preview of the book Ben will release next summer which encapsulates all of these different Latin styles!

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