The Improve Style of Sonny Stitt for Guitar

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The Improv Style of Sonny Stitt for Guitar Class Content | Mike Godette

In this lesson, Mike takes 12 different licks from a variety of Sonny Stitt solos and he breaks down and analyzes each lick one at a time and explains what sorts of intervallic and harmonic devices are being utilized in each lick.

In addition to the theory explanations, these licks also offer a lot of insight into how to take saxophone lines and how to articulate them the most effectively when translating them over to the guitar and a variety of these licks utilize interesting slurs and sweep picking patterns which help to achieve a more saxophone like sound.

If you are looking to get more Sonny Stitt sounds into your soloing, this is the lesson video for you!

Sub Topics

  • ii V I licks
  • chord substitutions
  • sweep picking


  • Harmony
  • Jazz Blues
  • Practicing
  • Soloing
  • Standards
  • Technique
  • Theory

Course Details:

  • Title: The Improv Style of Cannonball Adderley for Guitar
  • Instructor: Mike Godette
  • Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Running time: 52 minutes
  • 5 Pages of PDF Included
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The Improv Style of Sonny Stitt for Guitar | Full Class + Download 00:52:12

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