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The Life-Vest Arpeggio Part II Class Content | Genil Castro

Do you ever get bored playing the same jazz licks over and over?

Does changing chord scales stress you out?

What if there was a better (and simpler) way to improvise beautiful jazz guitar lines?

Many legendary guitarists often use simple ways to think about what they’re playing. These personal harmonic concepts enable them to play strong melodic phrases over complex chord progressions.

Genil Castro has distilled his years of experience so that you can improvise more confidently through complex chord progressions.

Life Vest Arpeggio Part II is a follow up to Genil Castro’s popular ‘The Life Vest Arpeggio for Jazzers’ masterclass.

This video will:

  • show you give you powerful & simple ways to play over min7b5, dominant 7th (for both altered & Lydianb7 sounds), tonic minor and minor II-V-I progressions.
  • allow you to solo more confidently (and create extended harmonic sounds) over the bossa nova classic ‘The Girl From Ipanema’
  • reveal Genil’s personal 911 strategies for improvising
  • unleash Genil’s Pandora Box of Transformations which form the basis for his jazz soloing style

Discover this harmonic tapestry on six strings that makes your playing even more colorful today!

Full video is 37 minutes
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