Unorthodox 7th Chords (Part II)

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Unorthodox 7th Chords (Part II) Class Content | Mike Godette

Introducing: Unorthodox 7th Chords (Part II) Course

By taking the class and practicing the ideas presented, you can expect to gain a better understanding of 7th chords and how every 7th chord can function in 2-3 different ways by superimposing them over different bass notes. Students will be able to take all of the 7th chords that they know and utilize them in new ways with new harmonic functions.

Course Overview

Building on the success of “Unorthodox 7th Chords (Part I),” this course is a deep dive into the world of harmonic innovation. Delve into the art of superimposition, where every 7th chord becomes a versatile tool capable of serving 2-3 distinct functions when placed over different bass notes. This course will revolutionize the way you think about chords and empower you with a unique set of skills that can elevate your playing across various genres.

In this lesson, Mike takes all of the 7th chords that he covered in Part I and shows you how you can further expand on every voicing by superimposing them over different bass notes. Major 7 voicing’s can also function as Minor 9 and Sus13 chords. Minor 7 voicing’s can also function as Major 9 and Sus9 chords. Minor 7b5 voicing’s can also function as Dominant 9, Minor 6 and 7#5b9 chords. Dominant 7 voicing’s can also function as Dominant 7 b5 b9 a tritone away. After demonstrating each of these categories with the new bass notes underneath each chord, Mike demonstrates how these voicing can be mixed and matched through numerous different examples of Major and Minor ii V I progressions utilizing these chords.

Course Details:

  • Title: Unorthodox 7th Chords (Part II)
  • Instructor: Mike Godette
  • Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Categories: Chord Melody, Chord Voicings, Comping, Composition, Harmony, Modern Jazz Guitar, Theory
  • Running time: 50 minutes
  • 15 Pages PDFs Included

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