Unorthodox 7th Chords (Part III)

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Unorthodox 7th Chords (Part III) Class Content | Mike Godette

Introducing: Unorthodox 7th Chords (Part III) Course

By taking this course, students can expect to expand on their knowledge of 7th chords and learn new unorthodox ways of voicing Major 7#11, Major 7#5, Minor (Maj 7), Dominant 7 b5, Dominant 7 #5, Diminished (Maj 7) & Diminished 7 voicings. In addition to that the student will also get a better understanding of how chord scales and Roman Numeral’s work in the Harmonic and Melodic Minor Scales.

Course Overview

In this lesson, Mike takes the formulas that were covered in Unorthodox 7th Chords (Part I) and modifies the notes to cover 7 additional types of 7th chords which are Major 7#11, Major 7#5, Minor (Maj 7), Dominant 7 b5, Dominant 7 #5, Diminished (Maj 7) & Diminished 7 voicings. Mike breaks down each chord quality and demonstrates all of the voicings and inversions within that chord quality and how they function intervallicaly. After going through the 7 different chord qualities Mike then isolates a couple of formulas and demonstrates how to take them through the chord scales of Harmonic & Melodic Minor with 5 different chord scales for each.

Course Details:

  • Title: Unorthodox 7th Chords (Part III)
  • Instructor: Mike Godette
  • Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Categories: Modern Harmony, Modern Chords, Chord Melody
  • Running time: 42 minutes
  • 11 Pages PDFs Included
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