Video Review: 2-Note Melodic Patterns by Andy Fite

By Az Samad

Andy Fite is a musician’s musician!

He is the person you would want to study with if you’ve already been playing music (and got stuck) OR if you want to begin your musical journey with a strong foundation. Either way, I feel very fortunate to watch almost all of Andy’s videos for Mike’s Masterclasses.

In this latest video, Andy expands on the foundation he began in his Comprehensive Approach videos. Going beyond playing scales along scales and across the fretboard, now he shows how to practice 2-note melodic patterns systematically.

This seems like a simple topic. But, what I discovered from Andy’s explanation is how this single element is crucial for improvisation and technical development. After all, if you wanted to play fast, you need to be able to connect 2 notes smoothly. And – what are lines but single notes going from one to the other.

In essence, Andy has broken down the very element that is important for virtuosic and melodic playing! Throughout the 37 minutes, Andy goes through clear examples that span the fretboard. The emphasis is not on particular fingerings but on a clear understanding of the concept. This builds a strong foundation and a comprehensive approach.

He could have spent hours and hours going into more detail into this topic. Instead, Andy is very respectful of our time and chooses to teach as clearly and economically as possible. If you want a good foundation (but don’t have much time to watch yet another video), this is a good investment.

I personally found myself looking forward to rewatch certain sections. Because the video is concise, this helps me maximise my valuable practice time. Thanks Andy!

Pros: Lots of material, concisely explained.
Cons: No tabs for the exercises examples in the video. However, this is the point. The exercises are actually best explored manually, not by reading.
TLDR: This latest masterclass by Andy Fite is a logical expansion of his previous videos. If you have enjoyed his previous videos, definitely get this one. If you’re just starting out with Andy’s material, I recommend getting Andy’s Comprehensive Approach – Part 1 & 2 alongside this masterclass.

2-Note Melodic Patterns Class
April 19, 2019

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