Something slightly different this time – four of my original pieces for acoustic guitar, presented with full notation and tab, along with videos/mp3s of the pieces in performance and some analytical discussion of how they work.

  1. “Little Owl”
  2. “Song For The Listener”
  3. “Lost Hearts”
  4. “Wednesday’s Child”


I would obviously be delighted if anyone out there felt that they wanted to have a go at playing the pieces themselves. Moreover, I would be very pleased if any aspect of this package encouraged you to compose pieces of your own, or helped to facilitate this in some way. We all love playing the classic standards but, arguably, it’s only when we start writing our own tunes, that we really start to know ourselves as musicians. Not only that, it’s a really fun thing to do!

The music presented here is not strictly jazz as such; the pieces do have that influence in some of the harmony, but also reference some country and folk styles as well.

The 17-page transcription booklet uses a mixture of standard notation, tablature, and chord diagrams, to ensure that the compositions remain pretty accessible, even if you don’t read music.

For the first time in this package, Jamie has also been able to create synchronized notation with soundslice enhancement, so you can see a cursor traveling through the transcription in sync with the video performance.  Learn better and faster by seeing exactly what is being played in real time.

Soundslice sample

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Class Content

Downloadable eBook
Four Original Creations Downloadable PDF 00:06:58
Original Songs by Jamie Taylor
“Little Owl” – Performance & Mp3 Download 00:02:06
“Song for the Listener” – Performance & Mp3 Download 00:01:47
“Lost Hearts” – Performance & Mp3 Download 00:01:17
“Wednesday’s Child” – Video Performance & Mp3 Download 00:01:46
Soundsliced Pieces
Little Owl – Soundsliced 00:02:10
Song for the Listener – Soundsliced 00:01:47
Lost Hearts – Soundsliced 00:01:57
Wednesday’s Child – Soundsliced 00:01:43
Jamie's Process for Composing
Discussion on How Jamie Composes Music 00:10:16

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