7-String Jazz Guitar for all levels will cover a wide range of topics for the 7-string player. From foundational exercises in chord playing, to single note solo lines employing the low A-string, to comping and arranging (and even composing on the 7-string.)  Exercises will be given that illustrate inner line motion within a 7-string voicing as well as motion from chord to chord. Questions from participants in the masterclass always lead the discussion/demonstration to interesting places and are welcomed at any time during the class! Get the concepts in mind that you’ll need to take your 7-string playing to the next level.

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7-String Jazz Guitar for All Levels
7-String Jazz Guitar for All Levels 01:29:00

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    Great lesson, great teacher, great ideas, beautiful harmonic sense. Fun to watch and practice!
    Wonderful work Steve!

    ~ Daniel Corzo (May 29, 2016)

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