Learn how to play in any harmonic situation and create long, fluid lines with this concept of applying the Dom7 Be-bop Scale with a group of chord substitutions called “The Family of 4”

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Bebop Flow: Connecting Harmonic Concepts with the Family of 4
Bebop Flow: Connecting Harmonic Concepts with the Family of 4 01:22:00

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  1. Profile photo of FABIO RAMACCI


    This lesson is crucial for everyone who wants to approach and get inside bebop language. Sheryl is an amazing teacher, capable to make all the concept understandable. Reccommended!

    ~ FABIO RAMACCI (June 21, 2017)

  2. Profile photo of Stephen


    Sheryl lays out the material in a very intelligent & organized manner! Her concept is nothing short of brilliant. It’s easy to understand and implement into one’s playing. Mind you, it does require practice to get the scale & family of four into your fingers & mind. Much easier than learning modes and altered dominat types of scales. Great examples presented through her playing! Video quality is very good – overall, a superb presentation!

    Stephen "Weet"Larcovic

    ~ Stephen (June 21, 2017)

  3. Profile photo of Ron Warren


    I just went through this lesson for the first time. I pretty well versed in theory but this put some things together for me. I shall practice and and try to perfect it. Then order another one of your courses very soon.

    ~ Ron Warren (June 21, 2017)

  4. Profile photo of Cyriaque MALET


    I think this is simply the best instructional video I’ve ever seen. Very practical, very clear, sick lines. Sheryl is just an amazing teacher who not only teaches very well but plays smoking lines too. By the end of the video you finally understand the concept of substitions and how to play the bebop scale.
    Get this !

    ~ Cyriaque MALET (June 21, 2017)

  5. Profile photo of phil wilkinson


    This video is great for anyone who’s studied some bebop and wishes to expand on that concept and understand the bebop language on a deeper level.

    ~ phil wilkinson (June 21, 2017)

  6. Profile photo of Steve Barnette


    Another great insight from Sheryl. I have been working with the Bebop scales for awhile and were hit and a lot of miss, but this lesson put’s it all into perspective and now getting some great new sounds in my lines.

    ~ Steve Barnette (June 21, 2017)

  7. Profile photo of CHRIS


    This is a great lesson for anyone who wants to understand the Bebop language with easy and fast. Results are immediately practical.
    Sheryl founded a way to make it really simple and understandable.
    5 chords and just one dominant Bebop scale and you’re ready to go for it.
    Thanks Sheryl you did a great job, we’re waiting for part two.

    ~ CHRIS (June 21, 2017)

  8. Profile photo of Mark Bauer


    Sheryl Bailey, in addition to being an outstanding musician and performer, does a great job of communicating concepts to students. Application of the Micro-cosmic bebop line to the family of 4 plus 1 chords came very easily after taking this lesson. I started working the line into ii-Vs in a bunch of tunes my quartet performs. This is how I run through keys, by pushing myself to use new ideas in tunes. The application to tritone subs was excellent. Great lesson…thanks!

    ~ Mark Bauer (June 21, 2017)

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