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FREE FOR MEMBERS! Join Sheryl Bailey in a live Q&A session. Up close and personal without having to leave your home. This session is webinar style. Sheryl, her guitar, and your questions.

There’s no description more apt for Sheryl Bailey than “A sizzling guitar goddess”, coined by Elliot Simon of All About Jazz. He’s not alone with his superlatives-Adam Levy of Guitar Player Magazine calls Sheryl “One of the most compelling tones of her generation”, and Frank Forte of Just Jazz Guitar ranks her “among the best bop guitar players with a fresh approach and something new.”


Sheryl’s playing is unquestionably “sizzling”. She has groomed incredible chops and impeccable taste with which she applies them. It’s said (by Lee Metcalf, The Villager) that she can “go from zero to blazing in two beats”, but she is continually praised for never sacrificing melody and lyricism for technique. “She balances superior technical skills with a strong lyrical sense and swinging touch…” continues Metcalf, and Joe Taylor of Soundstage says “Bailey combines an astonishing command of the fingerboard with a seemingly endless flow of melodic invention.”

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Sheryl Bailey Live Q&A 2.28.18 00:59:00

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  1. Profile photo of Daniel Corzo


    Awesome!! Very clear and direct answers to the important points! I’m impressed with almost all Sheryl just said but this statement just knocked me out: “Devotion to getting locked to the beat!!!”.
    Thanks Mike and Sheryl!!

    ~ Daniel Corzo (September 3, 2018)

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