Sheryl Bailey continues her series on Bebop Flow, where she teaches how to play in any harmonic situation and create long, fluid lines with this concept of applying the Dom7 Be-bop Scale with a group of chord substitutions called “The Family of 4”.  In this class, she shows how to combine families for altered II – V’s.  It includes a review, or introduction if you have not viewed the first class, of the Dominant 7 Bebop scale along with new concepts and written materials in standard notation.

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Class Content

Bebop Flow Part 2: Combining Families for Altered II V's
Bebop Flow Part 2: Combining Families for Altered II V’s 00:59:00

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  1. 5

    Very interesting course, very well complemented with the pdf. It is mandatory to have some write information and Sheryl knows that us so good teacher as she is . Thanks a lot

  2. A must!! This lesson will open doors if you're struggling with ii V I's and jazz vocabulary.


    It’s a systematic way to navigate through changes that are the backbone of most jazz standards. At first glance, it seems complicated, but upon reflection it’s quite easy to grasp I look forward to future lessons with SB. BTW, at @ 4:30 – 4:31 of the video, Sheryl contorts her fingers in a way that’s impossible for me to do. Anyone notice this?

  3. Excellent class!


    I love the concepts and how Sheryl delivers the info…so upbeat! I hope she continues to put classes up. She mentions about 10 possible classes which all would be great! The fam of four is a very simple concept with far reaching possibilities. How it all relates to altered chords is great too! Once you develop your language you can recycle it over altered chords…Very Cool! Really fun to play.

  4. 5

    Once again, Sheryl has knocked it out of the park with this wonderful lesson. I’m been amazed by her fluency in the bebop language for quite a while now, and this class provides further insight into developing flowing lines through the changes. Thanks to Sheryl for this great learning experience.

    Best regards,
    Scot Gormley

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