Sid teaches his beautiful arrangements of Bill Evans tunes.

Discover the connection between jazz pianist Bill Evans and the playing of guitar greats like Lenny Breau, Jimmy Wyble, John Stowell and Sid Jacobs! In this enhanced version of the 2006 masterclass from Sid Jacobs, you will get to see how understanding guide tones, voice leading, counterpoint, melody and using open strings can create a unique sound for your jazz guitar playing.

Sid Jacobs shares his insights studying and dissecting important aspects of pianistic playing as applied to guitar. We’ve also included newly segmented videos which will allow you to revisit your favorite parts of this video quicker. The new Soundsliced versions of Sid’s arrangements will also help you work on his arrangements easier as you can slow down the audio, loop sections and even see fretboard visualizations of the notation and tablature. 

Song examples includes classics from Bill Evans like My Bells, Waltz for Debbie and Very Early. In addition to seeing how Sid has translated Bill’s approach to guitar, you will also get to see the approach applied to other jazz guitar essentials like All The Things You Are, Stella By Starlight and the beautiful ballad Chelsea Bridge. 

Sid also shares tips on how to maximise your practice time for his book, The Bill Evans Guitar Book which is becoming a modern classic for jazz guitarists interested in modernising their chord vocabulary. Prepare your guitar for new sounds you’ll be delighted to play and get this masterclass today!

Includes Soundsliced versions of 
  • “Very Early” – arranged for guitar by Sid Jacobs
  • “My Bells” – arranged for guitar by Sid Jacobs
  • “Turn Out the Stars” – arranged for guitar by Sid Jacobs

Includes 15 Pages of PDF materials in standard notation and TAB.

  • “Waltz for Debbie” – arranged for guitar by Sid Jacobs
  • “Very Early” – arranged for guitar by Sid Jacobs
  • “Turn Out the Stars” – arranged for guitar by Sid Jacobs
  • Rootless voicings – a brief discussion with Sid Jacobs
  • “My Bells” – arranged for guitar by Sid Jacobs

Full video is 1 hour 38 min.

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Class Content

A Guitarist's Approach to the Harmony of Bill Evans
A Guitarist’s Approach to the Harmony of Bill Evans 01:37:49
Introduction 00:01:34
Opening Performance – Bill Evans Medley 00:06:00
Section 1
Beyond Chord Melody 00:02:15
Playing 3rds and 7ths – Voice Leading 00:05:01
Adding Tensions 00:02:42
Section 2
Counterpoint Before Harmony 00:03:56
Lenny Breau and The Guitar as An Orchestra 00:02:49
Blues Example and Beyond Movable Shapes 00:04:32
Clusters 00:02:22
Section 3
The Sound of All The Things You Are 00:03:46
The Line Cliche, Counterpoint, Harmonic and Rhythmic Cadence 00:04:55
More Colors 00:04:39
Dominant Sounds 00:04:24
Song Examples
Stella By Starlight Example 00:03:31
Very Early Example 00:03:56
My Bells and Using Open Strings 00:08:36
Soundslice – My Bells 00:05:00
Waltz For Debbie 00:04:36
Soundslice – Waltz for Debbie 00:05:00
Soundslice – Turn Out the Stars 00:05:00
Question & Answer
Q and A – Omitting Roots 00:04:55
Q and A – Contrapuntal Improvising 00:08:32
Q and A – How to use The Bill Evans Guitar Book 00:07:41
Q and A – Chelsea Bridge Example and Dynamics 00:04:42
Closing Performance – Ask Me Now and Outro 00:02:54

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  1. A true gem...


    How this class hasn’t been rated yet is unfathomable to me. It’s lessons like this that make Mike’s such an invaluable resource to musicians. Some folks will want to complain about the sound or picture quality (I think this was one of the earlier lessons on the site) but if you can get beyond that and really listen and play what Jacobs is getting at with regard to Bill Evans and his concepts – you’ll be in for a real treat. Jacobs takes something that could easily be bogged down with technical jargon and technique issues, cuts through it all, and presents a thoroughly captivating look into the insights he has gained from studying Evans piano playing. The most important part (of any of Mike’s lessons) is that you put in the time playing. There is no hand-holding here… if you want those kind of lessons go elsewhere… these are real lessons for real players.)

    To be able to spend an hour and a half in the presence of one master teaching the music of another master is a rare treat. To watch and listen to Jacobs think through all of this material is pure gold. Do not hesitate checking out this course. It’s the sort of lesson that rewards repeated watching and most importantly, playing through. Your playing will thank you; your bass-player and piano-players will thank you… I just can’t say enough great things about this course.

    by Andrew Hughes
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