If you are looking for both basic and new concepts to devise intros and endings, then this class is for you!  The 16 pages of written material (including TAB) along with the 90-minute video will aid in learning the theory behind what makes great intros, beginning with the progressions themselves, and then many arrangements of rich chordal intros.  Coming up with your own intros, both in practice and on the spot, is a fun and useful technique that can raise one’s level of overall musicianship.  Once you are playing great sounding intros, you’ll always look forward to starting tunes!

Highlights of this class include:
Chord substitution
Common root motion
Pedal points
Sequential patterns
Contrapuntal-style intros/endings
Essential tone comping below melody
Solo guitar style with a bass presence
Specific examples meant to be used with bass accompaniment
Guide tone lines
Chord inversions
2 and 3-part chordal intros
Single-note intros

90 minute video and written materials in standard notation and TAB for finger-style, pick-style and hybrid picking.  After working through the class, you’ll never want to say “right on it” when counting off a tune again!

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Class Content

Artful Intros
Artful Intros 01:28:00

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  1. Profile photo of jeff stocks


    Another winner from Steve! Starting with very simple ideas and building to complex, you will be well armed to improvise lush intros if you work methodically through this material. Steve combines moving lines, Freddie Green, bossa, and single lines over a variety of chordal ideas to create a nearly endless foutain of ideas. I found much of the material immediately ‘playable’, but there was plenty that is going to need shedding. A very fun and worthwhile class.

    ~ jeff stocks (March 31, 2010)

  2. Profile photo of James S.


    Tremendous class. It would not be a good one to start with to absorb his concepts; I would recommend a couple others on moving lines and/or comping first, as this one utilizes many ideas discussed before, but I have so so many new ideas I’m going to use on by next gig Wednesday, their little heads will spin!!!

    ~ james seaberry (March 22, 2010)

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