FREE FOR MEMBERS! Develop a greater insight into improvising over “Autumn Leaves”…and by extension, take the ideas presented and apply them to other standard jazz repertoire.

The standard “Autumn Leaves” is taken apart and reassembled using basic music fundamentals that gradually morph into more advanced ideas and techniques that jazz players use on all standard repertoire.

Included in this class:

  • Harmonic/melodic independence
  • Basic to advanced improvisational techniques
  • Harmonic anticipation as related to phrasing

3 thirty-minute sessions for this lecture series.


Song sheets provided.

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Class Content

3 Part Series
Autumn Leaves Part 1 [April 1 @9am] 00:35:00
Autumn Leaves Part 2 [April 29 @9am] 00:42:00
Autumn Leaves Part 3 [May 20 @9am] 00:47:00

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