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Do you enjoy the sound of jazz pianists like Bill Evans?
Would you like to go beyond playing rhythm guitar or just playing single note solos?
Want to combine melodic soloing and harmonically rich comping chops?

Guitarists like Lenny Breau, John Stowell and Lorne Lofsky have developed unique guitar playing styles by taking inspiration from pianists. In this master class, Canadian jazz master Lorne Lofsky will show you how to start thinking out of the box by taking a pianistic approach to both soloing and comping.

You will discover:

  • Voicings tips from how to maximize quartal voicings, use standard shapes, develop unique open string voicings that go beyond typical drop voicings
  • Rhythmic ideas that encourage rhythmic independence and variety (for both solo and comping!)
  • How to create lines from voicings, add chromatic melodic variations and lines that span the fretboard
  • How to develop a personal harmonic vocabulary that goes beyond standard textbook chord shapes

Lorne will demonstrate how he uses these sounds on jazz blues progression and standards like All The Things You Are and Autumn Leaves. From explaining his approach to using quartal harmony to giving you a wealth of voicing generating practice strategies, this master class will give you a wealth of ideas to take your playing to the next level.

Includes a 1 Page of PDF in standard notation.

Full video is 1 hour and 34 mins.

Class Content

Full Video + Download
Soloing and Comping in a Pianistic Style 01:34:00
Quartal Harmony Basics
Quartal Harmony – Voicings, Lines and Playing on Different Modes 00:05:05
Melodic Ideas on Top 00:03:26
All Blues – Dorian Sounds 00:04:40
Applying Voicings to a II-V-I
II-V-I Sound – Embellishing Chord Shapes 00:08:08
Playing Voicings on Lower Strings 00:06:24
Two Melody Notes on Top 00:03:42
Secondary Dominants 00:07:23
Dorian Mode 00:02:27
Side Slipping 00:02:55
Mixolydian Mode 00:01:54
Creating Harmonic Movement
Using Passing Chords 00:02:17
Blues in G 00:02:46
Expanding Chordal Horizons
Fourth Voicings Vs Standard Drop Voicings 00:02:45
More Like The Piano – Learning From Other Instruments 00:04:13
Classical Music Ideas and Exercises on Tunes 00:04:29
Beyond Standard Practice Techniques
Expanding Shell Voicings and Using Open String Voicings 00:08:19
Melody Harmony Relationship and Changing Bass with Open String Voicing Exercise 00:05:20
Random Bass Notes and Recording a Drone 00:03:07
Visualisation and Practicing Without An Instrument 00:02:39
Triads with a Drone Open String and Different Bass Notes and Other Exercises 00:04:00
Putting It All Together
Autumn Leaves Performance 00:04:10
Explaining The Concepts Used 00:05:04

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