A “Two-Speed” Approach to Blues

Following on from a customer suggestion (thanks Ray!), this class utilizes the two-speed approach previously applied to Rhythm Changes, to deal with another essential jazz progression, from first principles through to advanced variants. Players at all levels should find something beneficial amongst nearly 1hr 50mins of detailed material.

Class features:

  • Discussion of the essential blues vocabulary. Forget the so-called “blues scale” – there’s much more to the sound than that!
  • Demonstration of the classic “Kenny Burrell” sound, over a simple I, IV, V chord progression.
  • Learn how the standard “jazz blues” changes differ from this, and how to bring out the crucial changes in your solo lines.
  • Learn how to use a variety of harmonic techniques to get “outside” the changes and create real tension in your blues lines.
  • Analysis of ten different variant blues progressions, as recorded by the jazz blues greats.
  • A close look at two brand new blues-based compositions, which show how the essential format can still be manipulated into an infinite range of variations.
  • Synchronized on-screen captions.
  • Detailed PDF, including transcribed examples and lots more.
  • Running Time: 1hr 50min
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Class Content

Blues - A Two Speed Approach
Blues – A Two Speed Approach 01:48:00

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  1. 5

    I bought Jamie’s Blues video right after Rhythm Changes. It’s just as great. The basic foundations of the blues, and the chart examples and variations that he demonstrates, are excellent in every way. My knowledge base and musical understanding has just been given a tremendous boost. I’m working my way through all his videos one by one, will try comping next.

  2. 5

    This lesson is a goldmine of information. Jamie explains everything and gives a lot of examples. His explanation and examples of different blues forms is very useful. Great value.
    Thanks Jamie for increasing my understanding.

  3. 5

    A definite 5 stars for this lesson.

    Why ? Because under the guise of the blues Jamie lays out a pretty comprehensive jazz course.

    From funky blues licks (and how to construct them) to lines derived from scale substitutions and harmonic variations it’s all here. What’s more the material is explained in a way that makes it easy to apply. I find I’m able to make music with ideas that I couldn’t make work before.

    The blues changes variations section is a mini course in jazz harmony and is then applied to composing originals.

    Because all of this is applied to a context that we are all familiar with, it is easy to understand and hear.

    Highly recommended

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