Utilizing ideas for voice motion and chord substitution inspired by George van Eps, Steve will take the often played “Autumn Leaves” and send out a chord melody arrangement in the Van Eps style. Discussions of techniques used and full explanations of the entire arrangement will be given.As usual all questions will be answered on the spot! To encourage early registration Steve will include a bonus arrangement of “Autumn Leaves” arranged in 2 part counterpoint that will demonstrate soloing above a half note bassline and also a melody line. The former helps deal with the question “After I play the head, now what?” Improvising chord melody can be one of the most gratifying of endeavors. It kept George Van Eps playing steadily into his 80’s!

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Chord melody arranging & soloing inspired by George Van Eps
Chord melody arranging & soloing inspired by George Van Eps 01:31:00

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  1. 5

    Invaluable to anyone interested not just in solo guitar, but also counterpoint and arranging, this class is superb. The very well prepared (as always with Steve) materials consist of

    1) Melody + Bass arrangement of Autumn Leaves
    2) One chorus of Solo + Bassline
    3) An absolutely stunning chord melody arrangement packed with contrapuntal ideas, inner lines, and lots of wonderful arranging devices that are guaranteed to improve your writing as much as your playing.

    I found the approach of nailing the tune and the bassline first, improvising new fingerings all the time is essential to gain the confidence to elaborate your improvised arrangement all over the range of the instrument. Then the ideas contained in the Chord melody are so far reaching that can keep you pracising (and writing) for years to come. I guarantee that next time you write a big band arrangement you will be thanking Steve Herberman… I know I will!

    by Nico Sabatini
  2. 5

    Essential for aspiring solo guitarists. Steve gives a thorough and detailed explanation of the style of George Van Eps, one of the acknowledged masters of the genre. Learn how to approach the guitar more as a "lap piano".

    by timothy allred
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