(in TAB and standard notation)
The inspiration for this fun and challenging class comes from the exciting chordal solo choruses George Van Eps recorded for the Jump record label with his small group. Those solos were all about motion in any voice at any time!

This advanced-level class deals with arranging solos in a contrapuntal 8th note-based chordal style using fingerstyle or hybrid picking. Through the discussion and demonstration of four written solos, arranging techniques are shown to help you compose and eventually improvise solos in this style. The written solos used in the class are an expansion on the rhythm changes etude used in Steve’s class Applications Of Triad Motion Studies inspired by George Van Eps from Sept. 2006 for mikesmasterclasses. Through 2, 3 and 4 part harmony, with an emphasis on triads, we’ll look at independent moving lines which travel in and out of familiar chord forms in a myriad of combinations. The etudes in this class use the progressions of Groovin’ High, It Could Happen To You, Sunny Side Of The Street and All God’s Chillun Got Rhythm. A bar by bar analysis of the techniques are included in the written materials and are expanded in the video. Some of the concepts and techniques demonstrated are: Rootless voicings, minor line clichés, inner line motion, imitation in alternate voices, reharmonizations and substitutions, chromatic lines, and triads up through 13th chords. The aim of the class is to help the musician see how this particular chordal style works and to get some of the language and finger mechanics under the fingers to use in a personal way.

This in-depth 90 minute class comes with 20 pages of written material with TAB included and is
arranged for the standard-tuned 6 string guitar.

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Class Content

Chordal Solo Choruses
Chordal Solo Choruses 01:30:00

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  1. 5

    I don’t want to repeat myself as I have reviewed a few of Steve’s Classes, and I have already described his approach at length. However. just when you thought these couldn’t get any better, they do!

    The sheer amount of first rate material in this one is the highest yet and this can keep you very busy for quite some time.

    Two years on, I keep going back to Steve’s Van-Eps style chorus of Rhythm Changes and finding new ideas and phrases (from "Chord melody arranging & soloing inspired by George Van Eps", Nov 2006).

    When thoroughly practised and properly digested these studies will inform your ‘chord melody’ playing like nothing else on this incredibly saturated market. Fact.

    by Nico Sabatini
  2. 5

    Unreal. I’ve been working on this all weekend; going back to the previous classes on Motion and Triads, and now I can see how to come up with these ideas better myself, rather than just memorizing lines and trying to find places to fit them. Time for some new videos on my Facebook page, I think.

    by james Seaberry
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