In this class standards such as Stella By Starlight, In A Mellotone and Confirmation are used to demonstrate a variety of comping concepts applied to many different group formats a guitarist will find themselves playing in.

Concepts include:

  • Essential tone (shell voicings), guide tone lines, pedal points, muti-use voicings (including rootless voicings), common tone, chromatic and stepwise voice-leading, Freddie Greene style, walking bass/comp, “over the barline”
  • comping thru use of hemiolas, rhythmic “snare drum” comping, leaving space for a soloist while giving the soloist a solid “cushion”and overall techniques to help make a rhythm section swing.

Formats that will be discussed include:

  • Guitar/bass duo
  • guitar/voice
  • and even comping for yourself while you are soloing!


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Class Content

Comping Concepts Part One: 4/4 swing
Comping Concepts Part One: 4/4 swing 01:30:00

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  1. Profile photo of Marco Escobedo


    The best comping class ever! Throw out all your books! Steve is so clear and concise, and you’ll have other guitarists asking you, "how did you do that?" Thanks Mr. Herberman!

    ~ Marco Escobedo (May 18, 2016)

  2. Profile photo of timothy allred


    You can’t go wrong with any class offered by Steve Herberman. Like many others here I have purchased several of his lessons – they are all excellent. As usual the class is well thought out, organized, logical and packed full of immediately useful information. Steve is a rare great player, thinker and teacher. If you haven’t tried one of his lessons you are really missing out.

    ~ timothy allred (April 12, 2012)

  3. Profile photo of Nico Sabatini


    The outstanding quality (and quantity!) of the materials and the clarity of presentation make this class incredibly valuable. The seven page handout contains a wide variety of examples of different comping styles, from Frddie Green style to Stride, to building unusual voicings ‘on the fly’ with the Lenny Breau approach (deveped further in another of Steve’s classes). As always, great playing and tons of musical common sense from Steve make this (and the other classes in the Comping series) unmissable.

    ~ Nico Sabatini (March 21, 2009)

  4. Profile photo of Matteo


    What to say… Steve is a master! He shows us lot of ideas about comping explaining all the stuff in perfect way (how to comp with and without a bass player,guide tones, Hemiolas, pedal points, cluster voicings, etc..) . PDF togheter with the video make it easy to understand also to "non english people" like me… In this class you will see also harmony becoming melody and melody becoming harmony…So fascinating approach to the instrument and to the music! I just want to pursue this way with my guitar…and i think to do this with others steve’s videos…! 5 stars!


    ~ Matteo (March 13, 2009)

  5. Profile photo of Nelson Riveros


    Steve Herberman’s class was full of wonderful and useful information. I learned about comping for different musically situations. I studied with many ‘named’ players in NYC and I could never get them to teach me how to comp. I would ask and they would either be very vague or would say it cannot be taught, you have to go out and see how guys do it. I wasn’t paying them to tell me that. The printed materials were a great plus and enabled me to following the video much easier. I can use this information and adapt it to many tunes. Looking forward to other classes by Steve.

    Nelson Riveros NYC

    ~ Nelson Riveros (January 28, 2008)

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