Hello fellow students,

In this new video lesson I’m talking about guitar technique, economy and sweep picking, two of my favorites.
For years practice technique on Jazz was like a sin, teachers didn’t teach it, even more, it was a subject with bad reputation.

In my opinion, it’s very important, technique is not a goal in itself, if not a way to reach new musical standards.  Imagine that you want to play triplets or sixteen notes at bright tempos, you will need a good technique, so in this way you will be able to play the music that you listen in your head&heart. Now, if a famous bandleader call you, and his music is intricate, with complex melodies, (like bebop or fusion melodies), again with a cool technique you will be more confident and comfortable to play it.

And, perhaps, with a great guitar command you can compose music with other possibilities.

Hope you find this lesson inspiring and useful.

Good luck!! keep going forward.

Juampy Juarez
June 2022


  • Intermediate

Duration:  1 Hour 4 Minutes

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  1. Economy and Sweep Picking


    Excellent class. The best explanation of economy picking I have seen yet. My only knock is that it would have been easier to hear the techniques better with a fully clean sound, no effects pedals.

    by james seaberry
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