John Coltrane changes Jazz and started a new era with his 1959’s album Giant Steps, and he did it again with his modal album “Impressions” on early 60’s. Coltrane called his way of playing “Sheets of sounds”. Today after David Liebman’s book “A chromatic approach to harmony and melody”(Advance publishing) we can call this “The Chromatic Concept”.

Complex and vast, Chromatic is based upon over impose chords over others.

The soloist play chords that are not in the tune, so he reharmonizes the tune with lines that are based in other harmonies at the speed of thought.

Also Coltrane applied Chromatic to his composition, same Evans , Shorter and any other masters.
I think that this is my best masterclass ever, and is plenty of creative insights, ideas and examples.

A reduced index could be:
– Melodic minor modes over static chords
– The minor major 7th arpeggio
– Applying Major relatives
– Major/minor sounds together
– Minor conversion
– Change chord quality
– Reverse ii V I
– Side Steps
– Coltrane’s changes explanation
– Coltrane’s Cycle over static chords
– Examples over standards
– and lot more.

Hope you can enjoy it and have fun with this concept like I did and do it.

Thanks for trust in me,
Juampy Juarez
November 2021

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  1. truly transformative


    This is one of Juampy’s best courses. Intermediate and advanced players will find a wealth of concepts and ideas to practice.

    by George K
  2. Chromatic Concept


    Juampy was right; this IS his best class yet, and one of the best anywhere.

    by james seaberry
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