Brazilian jazz guitarist Genil Castro continues his exploration of artificial harmonics in this master class.

Brazilian jazz guitarist Genil Castro continues his exploration of artificial harmonics (inspired by the beautiful playing of guitar legend Lenny Breau) in this master class.

In Part I, Genil taught us the most important aspects of this technique and the musical applications for it. Now in Part II, we get into the finer aspects of what Genil calls ‘electric lap piano’.

Part of the Lenny Breau style artificial harmonics technique is the ability to play close voicings that would be usually almost impossible. The added challenge is to really understand the concept of plurality (how different voicings can have multiple applications) and the actual voicings that are created by adding an artificial harmonic as part of the chord.

In this master class, find out:
1) Pluralities as applied in this context
2) Bill Evans type of voicings that you can use
3) Major and minor II-V-I voiceled voicings examples
4) How to put everything together into music

If you’ve checked Part I of this series, Part II is an essential continuation for the serious jazz guitarist. Together, both videos will give you a unique look into Genil’s take on these concepts and help you achieve these sounds on your guitar today!

This masterclass includes Soundslice enhanced notation of all written examples so you can can loop, slowdown and study each example as you go through the video.

  • 17 Pages of PDF materials in standard notation and TAB
  • Soundsliced versions of the transcription (standard notation with adjustable tempo, looping for effective practice and study)
  • Full video is 31 minutes

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Class Content

Full Class + Download
Expanding Guitar’s Harmonic Vocabulary with Artificial Harmonics Part II 00:31:48
My Funny Valentine (Real Audio/Video) – Soundslice 00:00:27
All PDF examples (Synthetic Audio) – Soundslice 00:15:05
Opening Concepts
Opening Performance – Stella By Starlight 00:01:07
Introduction – Plurality 00:03:32
Awareness of the Chord Being Created 00:04:48
Inversions for Closed Voicings 00:04:47
Advanced Applications
Chord Alterations and Extensions 00:05:22
Minor II V I Voicings 00:03:53
Using 6 Notes and Bill Evans Type of Voicings 00:03:41
Closing Thoughts
Putting It All Together and Conclusion 00:04:39

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    Fantastic class! I first became aware of his music some years ago through Youtube, and when I saw this class being offered, I jumped at it without hesitation, and I’m glad I did.

    by james seaberry
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