This five chapter class explores the very useful and important 10th interval for a wide variety of applications.

George Van Eps referred to it as the “Mighty 10th” and when the interval is explored in-depth, harmonically and melodically, you’ll see why. They are perfect for intros, endings, interludes and cadenzas. Once these patterns are internalized they can come out naturally in one’s improvising.

Most importantly they are very fun to work with and play and sound full with a great deal of harmonic potential.

This class lays it all out for the guitarist with fingerings, standard notation and TAB and covers a wide variety of applications and harmonic situations. The 10ths are often overlapped to become larger chords and are used in both diatonic and more atonal settings.

They are applied to two-five-one patterns, diminished patterns, augmented and much more. Contrary motion and counterpoint are common threads throughout the exercises and they will feel terrific on your left hand fingers helping a great deal with finger independence.

Hybrid picking and fingerstyle technique will be greatly improved through the use of these exercises.

Dig into this in-depth examination of 10ths and they will sure to be a permanent fixture in your playing, composing and arranging!
  • Running Rime: 78 minutes
  • 14 pages of PDF exercises with standard notation and TAB

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Class Content

Fun With 10ths 01:18:00

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  1. Fun With 10ths


    As always, Steve shows a bunch of cool stuff to practice, providing a different perspective of the instrument and our approach to it. And he’s so right: IT’S FUN!!!

    by Daniel Corzo
  2. Not only ... 10ths


    ..but hundreds of examples thoroughly notated and explained. As always Steve is complete and exaustive.
    (some practice required;-)

    by marco giussani
  3. This is how it's done , with fun, with 10ths!!!!!! GVE approved


    It is very difficult to define musical instruction in words. We’ve all heard the axiom that talking about music is like dancing about architecture (or perhaps marine biology). Whatever words I choose to say about this Masterful Steve Herberman Master class, they will never have the richness of the emotion or energy that the materials inside this course contain and may very well help you to convey with your own guitars and fingers. In other words, it is my $0.02 that every note found in this Master class holds the intensity of actual feelings. I almost wish I was the only person in the world who had this Master Class. But alas, I am not. And if you become a person who also checks out this masterclass you will hopefully understand what I am trying to say. Also, if you ever opened up any section of George Van Eps’ 3 volume treatise Harmonic Mechanisms for Guitar and perused the sections on 10ths, you’ll learn that Steve has clearly learned from Mr. Van Eps, and yet has grown, cultured and nurtured his own voice in 10th land while remaining respectful to GVE. I am only speculating when I say that you may also be able to develop your own voice in 10th land should you take the plunge and get this Masterclass.

    by Charles Meshel
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