This is a deep dive into “Georgia’s” powerful guitar texture that will take your playing, tone and time feel into the next level.

Chord Melody is awesome but…what if you could actually sound like 2 guitarists? Imagine your friends wondering how you can play rhythm guitar in time and still play the melody lyrically!

Join Master jazz guitarist Howard Alden in this masterclass where you will learn his personal approach, practice techniques and ideas of how to combine 4/4 rhythm playing with an independent melody on top.

When we heard Howard playing in this style, we knew that we just had to get him to show us his secrets! Instead of just making this a technique primer, we convinced him to show us how to do this on the beautiful jazz standard, “Georgia on My Mind”.

For beginners and intermediate guitarists, you’ll get to learn the basic concept demonstrated by Howard and see every move as Howard plays the piece at tempo and with slower examples. We wanted you to get as much time with Howard so we got him to play the piece multiple times at a slower tempo so you can get learn every note.

For advanced students, check out his improvisational takes using this technique to get ideas of how you can use this in your next solo or duo gig. If you play seven string guitar, you can even discover how he plays the piece on a seven string guitar.

This is a deep dive into this powerful guitar texture that will take your playing, tone and time feel into the next level.

  • 3 pages of PDF written material notated in standard notation, TAB (with Howard’s personal fretting hand fingerings indicated)
  • Soundsliced versions of the transcription (standard notation and TAB with adjustable tempo, looping for effective practice and study)
  • Running time: 30 minutes
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Class Content

Full Class + Download
Full Class + Download 00:30:43
Introduction of Basic Concept 00:03:48
First 8 Bars 00:00:42
Explanation and First 16 Bars 00:01:32
The Bridge 00:01:14
Last A Section – Melody in the Lower Voice 00:00:42
Slower Examples I – First A Section 00:02:02
Slower Examples I – Second A Section 00:01:05
Slower Examples I – The Bridge 00:00:44
Slower Examples I – Last A – Melody in the Lower Voice 00:00:41
Tips for the Harmony with Melody in the Lower Voice 00:02:35
Slower Example II – First two A Sections 00:01:35
Slower Example II – Bridge and Last A Section 00:02:09
The Stride Piano Variation 00:03:24
Full Chorus Performance Example 1 00:01:48
Full Chorus Performance Example 2 – Improvisational Take 00:01:59
Full Chorus Performance Example 3 – Improvisational Take 00:01:27
Full Chorus Performance Example 4 – Seven String Guitar Version 00:03:17
Full Performance with Soundslice 00:01:48
Soundslice Practice Performance 00:01:48

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  1. Great


    Wonderful demonstration of this style and a great arrangement of Georgia.

    by Henry Rutgers
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