Prepare yourself for the upcoming festive season & add a jazzy touch to your Christmas shows this December with this special masterclass from Howard Alden.

Learn how to play White Christmas as arranged by Howard Alden! In this masterclass you will have a chance to use three note voicings with a more open sound that provides the ability to add inner movement that Howard has taught in his previous class “The String Trio Approach for Chord Melody & Accompaniment” in a musical (and timely) setting. Getting these voicings under your fingers in context will help you internalize and master them quicker. First, see how Howard uses them in this arrangement. Then, use the lessons learned for your own solo guitar arrangements as well.

In addition to the basic take on the piece, Howard demonstrates some additional ways to personalize the solo arrangement with fills, arpeggiated embellishments and even a 4/4 time feel to create forward motion in your performance of the piece.

  • 1 page of PDF written material notated in standard notation, TAB (with Howard’s personal fretting hand fingerings indicated)
  • Running time: 22 minutes

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Class Content

Full Class + Download
Howard Alden’s White Christmas Full Class 00:21:24
White Christmas Arranged by Howard Alden [Soundsliced] 00:01:24

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