This six part Master Class utilizes some useful tricks in aiding the guitarist in devising their own motivic II-V-I single note lines. Not only will the lines have a solid structure but the dominant sevenths will contain some spicy altered sounds.

The best part about these concepts is that they are relatively simple to apply to the guitar fingerboard.

The six parts are broken down into using the following scales over II-V-I’s in a structured manner:

Real melodic minor scales, Dorian scales, Minor 6 pentatonic (Coltrane pentatonic) scales, Bebop Dorian scales, Minor 6/diminished (Barry Harris scales) and Harmonic Major scales used over minor II-V-1’s.

The examples are played over a backing track and thoroughly analyzed. Different keys are used to get the player into all positions of the fingerboard.

Check out this fun Master Class on single note line II-V-I lines getting these concepts firmly in your mind and fingers. Your soloing will be filled with some new motivic and exciting altered lines.

  • 12 pages of PDF examples including TAB and standard notation
  • 95 min. running time


Course Curriculum

II-V-I Motivic Phrases
II-V-I Motivic Phrases 01:36:00

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    This is such a great class! Mr. Herberman is a master, and an incredible human being! He is a true practitioner of what he preaches! The sycopated lines in the pdf echo ideas from the Action:Reaction record, particularly from the track Negev Journey! I recommend for someone who tired of their old, “bag of tricks”, as Wes used to say, and really hone the skill of moving ideas in intervals of minor 3rds over a dominant and understanding what a minor 6th pentatonic scale is.

    ~ Marco Escobedo (January 19, 2018)

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