Inside Outside - Triad Pairs, Fourths, & Inversions (Demo) | by Sid Jacobs

How do you sound “outside” when you’re still playing inside the tonality?

This is the question that Sid Jacobs answers in his latest master class.

In this info-packed video, you’ll discover:

  • Modern & interesting lines based on 4ths
  • How to use triad pairs from the melodic minor & whole tone scales
  • How to use the power of inversion to triple the melodic possibilities of your lines
  • Sid’s personal fingering choices to allow fluid single-note line playing using these sounds

If you’re interested to develop your outside playing in a creative way, this master class is for you!

Although this class is best for intermediate to advanced students, players of all levels will also benefit from the concepts discussed.

Full video is 24 minutes

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