Are your jazz lines becoming predictable?

Are you bored of playing scalar or bebop phrases?

Come and join Sid Jacobs as he shares his approach to intervallic soloing using 4ths! You will discover how to easily express beautiful modal sounds. Find out how to play these amazing lines that will fit many situations. The best part of the master class is to be able to see how Sid plays these lines fluidly using specific left hand and right hand fingerings. You will be able to hear how Sid phrases these lines as well as study selected examples in the accompanying PDF.

Understand and apply these modern ideas to:

  • Modes of the major scale (Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian and Locrian)
  • Melodic Minor modes (Melodic Minor, Dorian b2, Lydian Augmented, Mixolydian b6, Locrian ♮2 and Altered)

In addition to learning how to improvise using these sounds, Sid also shares concepts on groove, how to practice and how to create variations on the lines he demonstrates. This is a great class for any guitarist who would like to get out from playing standard scalar, bebop or arpeggio based soloing.

  • 2 Pages of PDF materials in standard notation.
  • Full video is 117 minutes

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Class Content

Full Class + Download [3 Sections]
Intervallic Soloing Using 4ths 00:42:05
Teaching Student Denis 00:44:00
It Could Happen to You 00:27:26
Part 1
Warmup 00:02:17
Introduction 00:01:14
Bbmaj7 Vibe 00:02:04
Talking About Fourths or Fifths 00:01:50
Modes and Moods 00:01:52
4ths in All 7 Diatonic Modes of C Major 00:04:38
Extended Phrase – A Trip To Locria 00:04:41
Another Way to Break It Up 00:01:53
Another Way to Break It Up – Continued 00:03:51
In Different Keys 00:01:05
Part II Teaching Student Denis
C Melodic Minor 00:03:03
Melodic Minor Sounds on Dominant Chords 00:04:19
C Melodic Minor Continued 00:04:32
C Melodic Minor – From the Low Register 00:04:51
C Major in 4ths 00:03:04
Treasures from the land of Ionia 00:03:00
Let Go As You Go 00:02:17
Inversion in the land of Ionia 00:02:02
Dorian within the Groove 00:03:56
Dorian Phrygian and Lydian 00:05:49
Lydian Mixolydian Aeolian and Locrian 00:03:55
C Melodic Minor Sounds I 00:05:06
C Melodic Minor Sounds II 00:05:04
Strong Notes and Scale Tones 00:05:33
C Melodic Minor Sounds III 00:04:21
Part III Working on a Tune, "It Could Happen to You"
First Part of the Tune 00:03:50
CESH and More 00:04:05
Triad Pairs and Fourths 00:03:58
Two Bar Phrase 00:03:40
Putting it Into The Tune 00:03:03
A Different Color 00:02:13
Deceptive Cadence 00:03:30
Ending Phrase 00:03:12
All Example Practice [Soundslice] 00:08:00
C Maj Example [Soundslice] 00:00:20

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    Pure Inspiration…,Sid opens the Door…Amazing….A ”Must have”…for every serious musician…Thank you from the bottom of my Heart…

    by Emil Gemedzhiev
  2. May The Fourths Be With You ...and Fifths too!


    Another Great Sid Jacobs Lesson…. Mr. Jacobs delivers the guitar goods and puts the power of making music in our hands , what a Blessing!

    by Shawn Loudermilk
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