Do you REALLY know your triads on the guitar?

You may think you do… but wait till you see what Sid Jacobs has in store in this latest master class!

Sit in as Sid Jacobs demonstrates how he uses triad pairs to create strong dramatic intervallic lines. Sid shows how he uses these on an original blues composition, Stella By Starlight (Victor Young) and Peace (Horace Silver). You will see Sid play these lines over these 3 compositions and get many ideas for your own lines.

In addition to learning how to improvise using these sounds, Sid also shares left hand fingering tips, posture, ideas he learned from Lenny Breau, muscle memory and other insights from his years of experience.

This class is great for any guitarist looking to develop a strong personal melodic vocabulary and style.

  • 2 Pages of PDF materials in standard notation.
  • Full video is 66 minutes
  • Soundsliced versions of the transcription (standard notation with adjustable tempo, looping for effective practice and study)

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Class Content

Full Class + Download
Intervallic Soloing Using Triads 00:53:24
Intervallic Soloing Using Triads Part II 00:13:20
Part I
Opening Performance and Introduction 00:03:10
Triads and Fingering 00:04:25
D minor colors and Practice Tips 00:04:19
F Aug and G Triad Pair Fingerings 00:04:54
4th Bar to 12th Bar of the Blues 00:04:22
Triad Pairs on Stella 00:03:24
Triad Pairs on Stella 2 – Until D7alt 00:03:42
A Lenny Breau Story and Muscle Memory 00:05:14
Triad Pairs on Stella 3 00:06:31
Stella into Peace 00:07:07
Peace Continued 00:03:11
Posture and Conclusion 00:03:19
Intervallic Soloing Using Triads Part II
C Melodic Minor Triad Pairs 00:05:54
Same Idea with a Different Context 00:07:25
Soundslice Examples
Feets in Two Worlds [Soundslice] 00:02:05
Triad Pairs from Melodic Minor [Soundslice] 00:01:22

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  1. Triad Pairs


    Wow. Thanks Sid! I’ll need to work with this concept a long while. I think it will be worth it though.

    by Robert Gannon
  2. These Intervallic exercises sound like beautiful music to me rather than rote scalar monotony, what Joy !


    Fun and Musical lesson , new sounds and inspiring concepts , once i get these shapes committed to experience seems like you could have fun for hours trying out different permutations on a whim and see what you come up with, the musical possibilities are endless….

    by Shawn Loudermilk
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