As a jazz musician, my early training (and it seems most people’s training) concerned itself with matching the improvised melodic line to whatever chord is happening, in a strict vertical sense.” – Andy Fite

Have you ever felt your guitar playing was like paint by numbers?
Use this arpeggio over this chord!
Play that lick over those changes!

What if you could really hear & control EVERY NOTE over any chord progression?
How would it feel like to be in charge of your melodic lines… rather than be chained by cliches?

A follow-up to the brilliant masterclass “Into Tonal Beauty: Escaping Chord Grips”, Jazz Comic Philosopher Andy Fite goes deeper into this topic by adding the chromatic neighbors for the seminal chord progression that defines tonal music.

Go deeper into tonal beauty as Andy Fite shares:

Every possible chromatic neighbor embellishment to the original examples from part 1 of this masterclass (and how to practice the examples!)
a) I-IV-I-V-I (closed position)
b) I-IV-I-V-I (open position)
Prelude No. 8 from his set of 24 from 2004 that paints an exquisite melodic landscape for us to appreciate the musical artistry possible from internalizing this concept.

If you want to really hear chord progressions clearly and control the harmonic clarity of your melodic improvisations – this is the right masterclass for you.

Take your guitar playing to the next level today. Come and follow Andy Fite into Tonal Beauty once again!

  • 3 Pages of PDF materials in standard notation
  • Soundsliced versions of Prelude No. 8 (standard notation with adjustable tempo, looping for effective practice and study)
  • Full video is 43 minutes
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Class Content

Full Class + Download
Into Tonal Beauty 2 Full Class + Download 00:43:47
Segmented Sections
1. I-IV-I-V-I w. Neighbors, Closed 00:12:28
2. i-iv-i-V-i w. neighbors, closed 00:10:44
3. I-IV-I-V-I w. neighbors, open 00:11:57
4. i-iv-i-V-i w. neighbors, open 00:05:32
5. Prelude No. 8 00:03:06
Prelude No. 8 Live Soundsliced 00:01:14

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