“The chords of a song, I want to say, are NOT the harmony. The harmony is something more like a road, and the chords merely the signs marking the way.” – Andy Fite

From Jazz Comic Philosopher Andy Fite comes this new elegant masterclass, “Into Tonal Beauty: Escaping Chord Grips”,

If you’ve been playing chords using the standard drop chords thinking, this masterclass will help you get out from that frame of mind. Say farewell to chord grips as your fingers fluidly connect the individual voices that harmonize perfectly.

On describing the origins of this approach, Andy recalls:

“When I went to music school at the University of Pittsburgh many years ago, I was required to take secondary piano. I never became a competent pianist, but the experience did give me an appreciation of voice leading, and that appreciation wound up being a great source of inspiration, and of a richer harmonic conception than I think I could have developed with the chord grips I had learned studying guitar, and with the chord-scale conception that dominated jazz education.”

Get ready to wander into tonal beauty as Andy Fite shares:

  • A little system for playing any chord in every possible place (this is so simple, you’ll be seeing the fretboard clearer than ever!)
  • The seminal chord progression defining tonal music (and how to systematically examine the possible fingerings for it):
    a) I-IV-I-V-I (closed position)
    b) I-IV-I-V-I (open position)
  • The first prelude from his set of 24 from 2004 that presents a beautiful melodic exploration of harmony (our video editor couldn’t stop playing this piece on his classical guitar right after he watched the video for the first time)

If you dislike long videos with too much information AND… prefer shorter videos with the right wisdom, delivered efficiently to your mind (and your fingers), this might just be the PERFECT masterclass for you.

Why not let Andy help you become a better guitarist in just 28 minutes? Get this masterclass now to find out how!

  • 1 Page of PDF materials in standard notation
  • Full video is 28 minutes

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Class Content

Full Class + Download
Into Tonal Beauty: Escaping Chord Grips 00:28:31
Any chord, every place 00:10:31
I-IV-I-V-I closed position 00:07:54
I-IV-I-V-I open position 00:07:35
Prelude No. 1 00:02:33
Soundslice Enhanced
Prelude No.1 Soundsliced 00:01:29

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