In TAB and standard notation 22 pages of written material

This eye-opening 98 min. class quickly gets to the root of problems many players have with constructing strong lines that really “nail” the chord changes. A step by step process is outlined in great detail with five written studies along with a Wes Montgomery transcribed solo of Airegin (TAB included) with analysis of this great solo.

By following the course it will make it easier to play longer lines that arrive at target notes at just the right times. Some guitarists tend to rely on short, stunted lines and others may limit their range to the upper three strings. Another common problem is soloing in one position much of the time or having difficulty transitioning from one position to another. The directional studies included with this class make good practice of using the entire range of the instrument, breaking the guitarist out of habitual patterns when soloing. Lines will have better balance and purpose with fewer “run-on sentences.”

With target notes in mind along with scales and arpeggios readily available in all 5 position from any degree, voice leading the lines is the next step outlined in the class. It’s a step that some guitarists don’t get around to practicing and can be extremely valuable!

On certain tunes guitarists may play either mostly from a scale approach or from an arpeggio approach. Jazz Line Construction will have the player utilize both scales and arpeggios sometimes within the same phrase. Striking a good balance with target notes in the right places and adding rhythmic variation, the solo can both swing and sing. The solo examples included with the class employ guide tone lines, approach note patterns, delayed resolutions, anticipations, sequences, hemiolas, bebop scales, and other useful compositional devices. If you have trouble conceiving those convincing single note lines you hear by your favorite players, than this class may be for you! By following this step by step approach you will be on the path to playing solid and swinging single note lines.

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Jazz Line Construction
Jazz Line Construction 01:38:00

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  1. 5

    It’s really a great lesson. Very interesting exemples. Only two things are missing : the fingerings for the solo examples (TAB can help people who can’t read but it doesn’t help for the fingerings Steve used) because it would be better to quickly see how steve connects positions, and the arpeggios and bebop scales pattern on guitar in the "5 positions" steve talks about (with some fingerings). Maybe a subject for another lesson…

  2. 5

    Once again,another little masterpiece from the maestro Mr.Herberman..This time he has managed to exemplify through concise and exhaustive examples,the most fundamental and crucial approaches to mastering fluency in improvising through the changes of any given standard or chord progression…If fluency is what youre looking for,go no further than here…A gem….Thanks Steve.

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