Explores the various triplet-based rhythms that provide satisfying cross rhythms over 4/4 time.

Part 2 of this single note-based class explores the various triplet-based rhythms that provide satisfying cross rhythms over 4/4 time. This class is packed with useful information and in-depth demonstration and explanations of the written PDF’s. The class begins with foundational rhythmic exercises using the diatonic chords in D dorian as well as the dorian scale. Emphasis is given on how to count and feel the various triplet rhythms shown.

The second section of the class uses these rhythms over two tunes:

  • There Will Never Be Another You” and
  • a Bb Blues progression.

These triplet rhythms can be major road blocks that often get in the way of developing a great swing feel. Mastering these rhythms will allow the player to phrase over bar lines effortlessly. Being more aware of accents and note groupings will give one’s soloing and comping added conviction, forward motion and swing.

  • 8 pages of PDF written material notated in standard notation (and TAB for guitarists)
  • Running time: 45 minutes

Sub-topics Included

  • Grouping triplets in hemiola rhythms and other cross rhythms against 4/4 time
  • The practice of correctly counting half note and quarter note triplets
  • The ability to successfully play the 8th note triplet in groupings of 2, 4 and 5 notes.

Outcome from this course:

Flexibility in phrasing with all kinds of triplet rhythms with the ability to group them in various ways for maximum rhythmic tension.

Sample Phrasing Example

Full 5-Part Series

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Class Content

Part II
Jazz Phrasing Part 2 Class Video 00:45:00

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  1. Jazz Phrasing part 2


    This introduction to triplet rhythms and other asymmetrical patterns shows the student a way to build lines that float over the chord changes. The course uses There Will Never Be Another You as a vehicle to demonstrate these concepts. Steve’s examples flow over the chord changes and I found myself presented with a whole new way to think about soloing. The examples are tabbed out and broken down into 4 and 8 bar sections to facilitate learning. Steve puts all the sections together at the end and the result is a beautiful etude that shows the concepts perfectly. I’m already experimenting with these concepts on other songs and beginning to see the unlimited possibilities of playing more freely using these rhythmic concepts. Thanks Steve for an insight into this very cool way of phrasing.

    by Robert Blagg
  2. Wow really good material here!!


    Wow really good material here. I can feel my rhythmic sense changing as I was going through the materials the first time! Really fun stuff to practice 🙂 Also at the end Steve gives us some blues applications and I think the feel of things to come in the 3rd class with 16th notes. Very fun stuff thank you Steve for taking the time to put this material together :))

    by George Cole
  3. Transformative lessons that will give your playing the authentic feeling


    This follows on from Pt 1 and for me further ingrains the sense of swing and time. Having played several gigs since embarking on the first part I can confirm that the gains translate from the practice room to the stage. Really great stuff.

    by Ray Bartlet
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