Let’s continue to develop your skills to sound like two (awesome) guitarists playing at the same time!

Jimmy Wyble’s two-part playing has influenced many guitarists over the years. John Stowell has mentioned Jimmy’s influence on his playing in interviews (and even his Mike’s Master Classes videos).

Adam Levy, David Oakes and of course Sid Jacobs have cited Jimmy’s influence in their playing as well. We are blessed to have the legacy of Jimmy’s legendary Etudes that document his thinking and process.

This masterclass continues what Sid Jacobs started in the first video where he covered Etude #1.

In Etude #2 by Jimmy Wyble, you will learn how Sid Jacobs takes apart each measure of this 14 bar masterpiece. Watch Sid transform each bar into contrapuntal vocabulary that you can apply to other pieces. Sid also demonstrates some cool rhythmic variations that add spice to Jimmy’s etude.

You will not only learn how to play the piece (with specific left and right hand fingerings) but also be able to apply the concepts to other common jazz chord progressions.

This masterclass will provide you with the tools to develop your ears, hands and harmonic vocabulary into the next level.

Just like in the previous etude, (for the first time ever) you will be able to use the Soundslice enhanced notation of Etude #2 so you can loop, slowdown and study each measure alongside Sid’s world class performance of the piece. You will learn a lot from Sid’s musical interpretation of the piece.

Master the fundamentals of contrapuntal playing with Sid Jacobs today!

  • 4 Pages of PDF materials in standard notation
  • Soundslice Included
  • Full video is 36 minutes

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Class Content

Full Class + Download
Jimmy Wyble’s Etude #2 00:36:54
Sid’s Performance of Jimmy Wyble’s Etude #2 Soundsliced 00:00:52
Introduction 00:01:30
Opening Phrase and Voiceleading 00:03:01
Cycle of Fifths 00:03:56
Beautiful Ways To Play 00:08:36
Right Hand Technique 00:00:48
Together with Student Denis
Slowing Down The Example 00:06:04
How You Find Stuff 00:04:45
This and This 00:02:39
Into the Conclusion 00:05:33

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  1. Jimmy Wyble #2


    If there’s anything better than learning a lot of in-depth material on something that I thought I was already very familiar with, I don’t know what it is…… OK, maybe winning the lottery, but other than that, Sid’s classes are tops.

    by james seaberry
  2. Another Stellar Lesson from Jazz Guitar Guru Sid Jacobs


    Love these Etudes I would like to learn all of them , Thanks for the Insights

    by Shawn Loudermilk
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