It is a study on exploring Bebop Scales through mapping harmonically and scale-wise a tune, in this case, the standard Stella by Starlight, following up on the first Chroma Zone lesson that was an introduction to bebop scales, this one is a study on how to practice and integrate bebop scales into one`s playing by visualizing the harmonic and melodic content of a tune in specific areas on the guitar.


  • Visualizing the melody and harmony of the tune in one area as two sides of the same coin.
  • Mapping out the tune with Bebop scales
  • Dominant(Mixolydian and Myxolidian B9B13) Bebop Scales shapes in 4 positions
  • Practicing Bebop scales starting from the root, third, fifth and flat seventh
  • Technical tips ( sweep picking and legato) on how to play the triplet
  • An introduction to the concepts of syntactical and non-syntactical aspects of music.
  • Why do I call a note Cb?

Sub-topic 1 Bebop Scales
Sub-topic 2 Sweep and Legato for triplets
Sub-topic 3 Harmonic Mapping and Melodic Visualization of Stella

Class Categories:

  • Practicing
  • Soloing
  • Technique
  • Theory


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Mapping a Tune with Bebop Scales (Chroma Zone 02) 00:40:12

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  1. Mapping a Tune with Bebop Scales (Chroma Zone 02) | by Genil Castro


    Excellent. Gives great insight into how the melody of a tune can be conveyed by the appropriate chord scale while being faithful to the melody.

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