Embark on a transformative journey with Tony DeCaprio’s exclusive Master Class, where the art of jazz guitar is redefined through advanced chordal exploration and dynamic improvisation techniques. In this riveting 90-minute session, Tony unveils the secrets to mastering chord movement, delving into the intricate relationships of substitution, reharmonization, and beyond.

Dive into the depths of tritone substitution, extended dominant seventh chords, and the iconic ii-V patterns, as Tony demonstrates the power of hybrid chords, chord quality alteration, and diminished chord intricacies. Navigate through the complexities of side-stepping, rhythm changes, and the legendary Coltrane substitutions, all tailored for their practical application in intros, turnarounds, and captivating modulatory interludes.

But that’s just the beginning. Tony’s masterful approach will guide you from the vertical landscape of chord theory to the horizontal freedom of improvised lines, empowering you to weave through chord progressions with unparalleled insight and creativity. Experience the unique art of Droning, where sustained chords merge with vocal tones, enriching your aural skills and deepening your connection to the music’s core.

Prepare to be engulfed by Tony’s instructional whirlwind, a “human hurricane” of knowledge, ensuring a fast-paced yet profoundly absorbing learning experience. This Master Class isn’t just a lesson; it’s an invitation to elevate your jazz guitar prowess to new heights, challenging you to think beyond conventional chord/scale paradigms and embrace the true aural essence of jazz.

Get ready to rumble through this masterful exploration of jazz guitar, where every chord, every note, and every tonal relationship opens the door to endless musical possibilities. Join Tony DeCaprio and transform your approach to jazz guitar, one masterful chord movement at a time.

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Mastering Chord Movement
Mastering Chord Movement 01:29:00

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    this was really an excellent class; full of good material you won’t find elsewhere. TD is at the top of the game.

    by james Seaberry
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