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Jazz Blues – Part II – Minor is a continuation of Tony’s first Blues class, with a focus on Minor Blues.  Join Tony DeCaprio for a special master class on the blues; jazz/blues.  Tony will reveal elements in jazz/blues playing that are often overlooked and sparsely taught; namely the V7 chord coming home to the I7 chord and the VI7 chord going into the secondary dominant before the turnaround.  He will also address the turnarounds, offering the player ‘line savvy’ and a sense of cadence as opposed to no more playing stock licks that usually cover the chord changes in a superficial manner.  In addition, Tony will show how to go about developing a ‘story’ in blues playing rather than relying on absolute mimicry or simply stringing licks together.  Learn how to tell your own story within the blues, in any key desired, using his hands-on approach.  Along with an after class video copy, you simply can’t miss!

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Jazz Blues - Part II - Minor Blues
Jazz Blues – Part II – Minor Blues 01:25:00

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