A follow-up to his popular “Tetrachord Scales – Part 1” masterclass, Randy Johnston is back with more insights for you to use in your jazz soloing.

In the first masterclass, you discovered how to use specific 4 note patterns to play all the modes of the major scale. Now, in this new Melodic Minor Tetrachord Method masterclass, you’ll find out how Randy simplifies your entire melodic minor soloing concept using tetrachords.

In addition to the easy to understand take on melodic minor, you’ll also be able to use this concept to play the diminished scale using two logical fingerings & even the whole tone scale using this tetrachord strategy.

Your fingerings will become even more logical and easier once you’ve discovered Randy’s take on this concept.

For fans of the first masterclass, you simply must get this insight-filled masterclass. For newcomers to this topic, getting both the masterclasses gives you essential tools that levels up your melodic improvisation skills.

Randy will also show you what tetrachords and Melodic Minor scales to use over a minor blues so you can apply what you find out in the masterclass.

As with all of Randy’s classes, there is no filler material here, just all pure instruction straight from Randy to you.

  • 6 Pages of PDF materials in standard notation (Chord block diagrams, melodic minor scale fingerings, tetrachords in standard notation and essential chord voicings)
  • Full video is 33 minutes

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