George Van Eps used to say that “Guitarists put too damn many notes in their chords.”  In this class we’ll heed the maestro’s advice and examine 10th intervals with a moving inner line.  Also, we’ll look at other intervals such as 6th’s and 12th’s with inner line motion and apply these to a progression.  Exercises outlining these principles will be provided, allowing you to become more familiar with the techniques necessary to play these smoothly.  It’s a refreshing approach to enhance your chord melody playing.

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Motion and Chord Voicings - Part II
Motion and Chord Voicings – Part II 01:26:00

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    Steve Herberman is an outstanding player and teacher. I have taken about 4 or 5 of these classes of his, and they have enabled me to incorporate the complex multiple lines and counterpoint ideas that I was trying to actualize in a relatively short time. He gives great value with his classes, materials, and presentation. Highly recommended.

    ~ james seaberry (November 1, 2007)

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