If you want to play jazz guitar, but feel overwhelmed with scales, chords and theory, then this new class might be for you.

Most jazz education is focused on chord scales, modes and complicated substitutions. Sometimes, theory seems to take over and music seems to lose out.

In this new class by guitarist-educator Az Samad, you’ll discover how you can use good sounding motives to develop your jazz improvisational skills.

You’ll learn 19 carefully selected motives that you can play over a Bb7 chord. These range from classic swing blues ideas to Charlie Parker phrases and even Joe Pass style lines.

You’ll learn how the C.A.S. Approach works & how that helps you to master ANY CHORD within the jazz context.

Using the MEME Approach, you’ll also find out how to maximize every motive to make your single note improvisations sing & flow even better.

This is a practical class for guitarists new to jazz guitar improvisation & also players who are looking for a simpler way to practice jazz guitar soloing.

All the motives are notated in both standard notation & tablature too so you can study them even without the video.

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Full video is 1 hour and 13 minutes.
PDF Notes Included

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Class Content

Full Class Plus Download
1. Introduction 00:03:01
2. Motives 1 00:10:28
3. Motives 2 00:06:54
4. Motives 3 00:07:23
5. The CAS Approach 00:05:13
6. The Meme Approach 00:14:40
7. Practice Example on Bb7 00:06:46
8. Eb7 00:06:01
9. Bb7 Eb7 00:08:59
10. Conclusion 00:04:29
Full Class + Download Motives Maximizer 01:13:54

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  1. Az is great!


    I’m really enjoying this course. I’m feeling more confident in my jazz blues lines and overall approach to incorporating motives into my playing. Az’s sophisticated and clear teaching style is great. Mike’s has some of the best courses out there and this is no exception!

    by James Rustad
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