The fourth E-book by Az Samad, Jazz Guitar Licks and Etudes 2 is the continuation of the previous title, Jazz Guitar Licks & Etudes. 

This volume contains 14 Exercises, 25 jazz guitar licks and 3 etudes designed to help you develop your jazz guitar skills. 

You will learn licks that incorporate classic Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass and Pat Martino bluesy and bebop sounds to more modern intervallic phrases inspired by the playing of Julian Lage, Tim Miller and John Stowell. 

You will receive a 29 page E-book (PDF File) containing: 


  • 4 Warmup Exercises
  • 5 Alternate Picking Exercises
  • 5 Sweep Picking Exercises 


  • 5 Bb7 Jazz Blues Licks
  • 5 Major Pentatonic Licks 
  • 5 Jazz Funk Chromatic MinorLicks 
  • 5 Lydian b7 Licks 
  • 5 Whole Tone Licks 


  • Jazz Blues Etude #3 
  • Blue Monk (Solo Etude #2) 
  • Recordame (Solo Etude #3) 


“This book will be a great tool for you whether you’re an aspiring jazz musician or a professionals musician. It’s truly a great introduction to the concepts and theory behind the language of jazz. The very “real-life” examples in the book reminds me of what should be/can be practiced and also inspire lots of ideas to be explored and add to my own arsenal!” 

—Sean Lew, Guitarist for SeaTravel 

“I have enjoyed the book so much that it keeps me practicing. Az is not only a great performer but also and Inspiring educator. He is is able to take something deep and make it fun, nourishing yet entertaining. His exercises are a must to build good foundation in not only guitar playing but music as a whole. A must have for all musicians.” 

—Joe Loy, Educator, Music Producer, Sound Engineer, Singer-Songwriter and Sessionist 

“A simple & detailed guide book for those who are looking for ideas on exercises, jazz improvisations. This book contains many ideas that will open up your mind on guitar playing. 

—Vai Leong, Pop/Rock Guitarist 

“Wow Cikgu, your book is amazing.  

A very strong source of material. It’s simple and straight forward yet very detailed. The ideas and exercises in the book are really well written.” 

—Eric Tan, Guitarist  

“Cikgu Az, I went through the book already. All I can say that it is a superb book! Now I have the key to listen to jazz by playing some of the etudes in the book (ok, I tried, but it doesn’t work for my ears). All the licks are helpful as you put all the common licks from alternate picking to sweep picking exercise. 

Conclusion? This book is a must have for every practicing musician for all level especially myself who is not a professional musician but still want to practice and improve myself when I have the time. I now can practice some etudes rather than scale while watching tv just incase I really don’t have time.  

Thank you for coming up with this book, it solved a bit of “how to play jazz” for a non jazz player like me. At least there is something to show and talk about when someone asked me about jazz. Keep up the good work! 

Btw…..I honestly think that this book must be in the pocket of every musician! Now we can play a bit of jazz without having the real and fake book!” 

—Rezza, Rock guitarist from the bands Vega & Xs Denied 


 “Such a compact book of practical materials for every serious jazz musician, which helps to craft one’s musicality as well as creativity.” 

—Mars Siu-Hong Lee, President Of Macau Jazz Promotion Association 

“Az Samads delightful collection of exercises and etudes is a fantastic resource for anybody hoping to develop increased dexterity and character as a guitarist and improviser. Each of these is cleverly and purposefully devised to improve skills across a range of disciplines including finger-work, musical vocabulary, as well as understanding of both fundamental and complex harmony. Playing and studying these masterful compositions also highlights and reveals the authors truly immense knowledge and love of both his instrument and his craft.” 

—Gabriel Lynch, Singer-Songwriter  

“It’s precise, concise and straight to the point. It would really help those who are trying to get new ideas for their jazz improvisation or those who are trying to learn jazz (newbies).” 

—Elmer Ho (elmerdraco), Composer 

“Definitely something new and unique! A huge pool of riffs, licks, and ideas for you to experiment with. For myself, it helped me discover some unpredictable melodic styles and some different fingering approaches. It also made me think about different ways to approach the same lick and branch out from it to create my own ideas. Super handy if youre stuck or not sure how to get started because you can just start off with any lick and go off on your own personal tangent after that. All in all, a great little book for anyone looking for more insight into some of the stylistic components of jazz and improvisation as well. Oh! And such beautiful etudes too!” 

—Li Ying – Musician, Artist & Avid Learner 

“A simple yet effective book from a virtuoso. Azs musical wisdoms written concisely; and accurately defining jazz in all forms.” 

—Ray Cheong – Musician, Composer, Guitarist & Producer  

About the Author

Guitarist-Composer-Educator Az Samad has recorded with Grammy Winners Flaco Jiménez & Max Baca; graduated & taught at the prestigious Berklee College of Music; performed in the United States, Europe & Asia; and appeared on 22 CDs ranging in styles from Tex-Mex, Contemporary Jazz to solo acoustic guitar. His works have been described as “richly textured, poetic and atmospheric”. His first book, Jazz Improvisation Uncovered received critical acclaim from jazz guitarist Julian Lage and Berklee professor Abigail Zocher.

An experienced performer, Az has performed with virtuoso violinist Roby Lakatos, former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Bumblefoot, singer-songwriter Zee Avi, funky fingerstyle guitarist Adam Rafferty and percussive fingerstyle guitarist Mike Dawes. Az also frequently performs as part of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and was the classical guitar soloist for the Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy Kuala Lumpur concert conducted by Arnie Roth.

Az has been exploring Malay jazz including the music of P. Ramlee, Jimmy Boyle and most recently Singapore’s Zubir Said. As the musical director and guitarist for A Zubir Said Tribute, Az led 5 shows at Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, Singapore with an 11-piece ensemble performing brand new arrangements he wrote.

Previously based in Berkeley, California; Az now lives in Kuala Lumpur. 

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Class Content

Jazz Guitar Licks and Etudes 2 00:00:00
14 EXERCISES [Soundsliced]
4 Warmup Exercises 00:01:00
5 Alternate Picking Exercises 00:01:00
5 Sweep Picking Exercises 00:01:00
25 LICKS [Soundsliced]
5 Jazz Blues Guitar Licks 00:01:00
5 Major Pentatonic Lines 00:01:00
5 Jazz Funk Chromatic Minor Lines 00:01:00
5 Lydianb7 Lines 00:01:00
5 Whole Tone Licks 00:01:00
3 ETUDES [Soundsliced]
Jazz Blues Etude #3 00:01:00
Blue Monk (Solo Etude #2) 00:01:00
Recordame (Solo Etude #3) 00:01:00

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